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Plan The Work – Work The Plan

We're unlocking the nitty-gritty of planning the work and working the plan today. Before we dive in, a quick shout-out to my book, "Words Fucking Matter," available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover, ebook, and audio book formats. Now, as I was gearing up for this episode, I found myself revisiting my own book. It's funny how the words I penned…

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Face Your Fears

This week, I'm talking about facing your fears. We've chatted about goals, laid out plans, but here's the real deal: in life, at some point, we've got to tackle our fears head-on. So, today on the show, I'm laying bare one of my own fears, live, and delving into what it's like confronting fears daily and the positivity it can…

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Preacher, Teacher, Leader

I've got something on my mind that I can't wait to share with you this week. We're diving into the world of preacher, teacher, leader – a trio that's important, especially when it comes to tackling those pesky limiting self-beliefs. This concept was one of the first things I pondered before penning my initial foray into the world of writing,…

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Find Your Forum

Let's dive into a topic that's close to my heart – finding your forum. We're all creators, each with our unique voice and perspective, and it's crucial to discover the platform that lets us express ourselves authentically to the world. For years, I struggled with the belief that I wasn't creative, that I didn't have that artistic bone in my…

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Consistency Over Time

I wanted to dive into a topic that's been crucial for me as I navigate the ups and downs of life and business: the power of consistency. We're on our ninth episode, kicking off our third month in business – time flies when you're hustling. Life throws curveballs at us. Unexpected challenges, setbacks, and even tragedies like the loss of…

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Rephrase In Real Time

Historically, the words that hold us back often become the center of attention. In order to understand and overcome these limiting beliefs, we need to delve into the transformative power of language. In my book, I talk about "Meeting Your Brain," and today, we're going to explore that concept in detail. I'll also share a quick tip on how you…

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Start, Stop, Continue Methodology of Change

Today, I want to dive into the "start, stop, continue" methodology of change, a concept that has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. It's all about self-awareness, and as my friend and fellow coach Ariel Kopac emphasizes, awareness is the first step. When you become aware of your actions, behaviors, and thought patterns, the next crucial step is…

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Prioritization: Putting it into Practice

Last week, we discussed the importance of prioritization, and I'd like to revisit a core concept from my book, the idea of "should." We often use the word "should" in our daily lives, like, "I should lose weight" or "I should go to the gym." But let's talk about why you shouldn't "should" yourself, or others for that matter. Instead,…

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Today, I want to dive into the crucial topic of prioritization because, in life and business, we often find ourselves drowning in busyness. It's something I address in my book, "Words Fucking Matter," highlighting the negative impact of the word "busy" when we fail to prioritize effectively. So, here's the deal. Many of us grapple with paralysis by analysis, the…

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Now, typically, when we talk about entrepreneurship, it's all about hustling, grinding, and pushing yourself to the limit. It's about going hard, getting things done, and never giving up. My first book, "Hustle, Struggle, Grind: The 13 Lessons of Life," was all about that mindset, and I love it. But over the years, I've realized the importance of self-care. Taking…

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Andy Weins is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, and speaker. Through consulting, teaching, podcasting, and writing, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Veterans, entrepreneurs, community engagement, individual empowerment, and the environment.

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