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Excite, Inform, Ask

Every week, we take these precious 15 minutes to invest in ourselves, and I’m stoked you’re here with me. Let’s dive into what’s buzzing in my mind this week, but first, a quick moment for gratitude, something I’ve leaned heavily into lately.

I’ve realized that, over the past weeks, my heart’s been drawn towards people when it comes to expressing gratitude. But today, I want to switch gears and shout out to something that always recharges my spirit—live music. There’s just something about attending concerts, the raw energy, the unfiltered creativity on stage, that fills me with joy. This weekend, I was lucky enough to soak up some live tunes. Witnessing artists truly in their element, beyond just performing, but being their authentic selves on stage, is a privilege. And it hit me while I was lost in the music of Gaelic Storm at the House of Blues in Chicago, one of my all-time favorite bands. There’s a unique connection that live music fosters among us, a shared moment of brilliance that ties strangers together. I’m all in for that kind of magic.

In the spirit of keeping you in the loop, let’s talk shop for a sec. So, someone pinged me last week, curious about where to find our podcast. Funny thing, we didn’t have one… yet. But, guess what? We’re making it happen. Starting now, you can catch us in audio form wherever you get your podcasts or at This journey—from a simple idea to 26 episodes in—has pushed me creatively in ways I never imagined, and I’m pumped to have you ride along in this new format.

Alright, onto the meat of today’s chat. It all sparked from a conversation about personality tests. I’m all about data and insights, so diving into my results as an INTJ was a thrill. It’s fascinating how these insights mirror our approaches in life and business. Speaking of business, I’ve got a golden nugget for you—my three-step methodology: Excite, Inform, and Ask. It’s a game-changer in communication, whether you’re chatting with customers, your kids, or colleagues. This approach ensures clarity and keeps the ball rolling towards mutual goals.

But it’s not just about external interactions. This methodology is a powerful tool for introspection and personal growth. Asking ourselves the tough questions, understanding what excites us, and seeking the knowledge we need to advance. It’s about being direct, setting clear expectations, and inviting others to join us on our journey, whether in business, personal relationships, or self-improvement.

So here’s my challenge to you: Apply this Excite, Inform, and Ask approach in your interactions this week. Notice how it changes the dynamics of your conversations and relationships. It’s about making every word count and being intentional with our communications.

As we wrap up, remember the importance of being authentically you. It’s about making space for others to be themselves too. Let’s use our unique strengths to uplift and connect with those around us. Here’s to doing the fucking thing, making our mark, and showing up fully in every moment.

If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, bring others with you. This week and always, we’re going to do the same thing. We’re going to do the fucking thing. We’re going to tell the fucking world AND we’re going to show the fuck up. I’ll see you next week.

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Andy Weins

Andy Weins is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, and speaker. Through consulting, teaching, podcasting, and writing, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Veterans, entrepreneurs, community engagement, individual empowerment, and the environment.

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