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Find Your Battle Cry

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode. This is our weekly chance for me to share my thoughts and ideals with the world, so thanks for joining me again. Let’s dive in.

First thing I always do is express gratitude. Today, I’m grateful for my two amazing brothers. Our relationship has grown stronger over the years, and I’ve been reflecting on that lately. This past week, I saw my brother Isaac’s art take off. Isaac is a wood artist, creating nostalgic and incredible pieces. He’s been getting recognized by the Weather Channel, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and other local news outlets.

I talked to my other brother, Tyler, over the weekend about Isaac’s success. Tyler’s a musician, and we’ve seen that Isaac’s success comes from his hard work and willingness to put himself out there, embracing vulnerability. This is something our parents instilled in us—not just going with the flow or doing what society expects. Tyler’s song, “The Thinking Song,” is what we kicked off this episode with, and it’s a testament to his talent.

We’re all artists in our own ways. I use the written and spoken word, Tyler uses music, and Isaac uses wood. I’m inspired by my brothers who are growth-minded, willing to fail, and challenge the status quo. They live nomadically in pursuit of excellence, unlike those who punch the clock and enjoy their two weeks of vacation. I’m grateful that as adults, we can push each other in our arts and business.

Now, for something different this week—I love being on podcasts. Being a guest allows me to share my ideals with new audiences and be tested. If you have a podcast, know someone with a podcast, or think of a podcast that would be a great fit for me, I’d love an introduction. The more podcasts I’m on, the more I can impact new audiences. That’s my ask this week.

Let’s talk about your battle cry. I’ve been ingrained in battle cries for the last 20 years in the military. We learned early on that a battle cry, somewhere between three to seven words, is what you say as a unit every time you’re called to attention. Before going to Iraq, our battle cry was “Too easy.” No matter the challenge, we always responded with “Too easy,” controlling the situation instead of letting it control us.

Now, in my adult life, my battle cry is “Do the fucking thing.” I often get stuck in the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) after making a decision. The novelty wears off, and I have to remind myself to take action. Over time, this became my battle cry, pushing me to execute and get things done.

My mom has her battle cries too. She says, “Control what’s in my hula hoop,” setting boundaries and focusing on what she can control. Another one is “Gotta go,” removing herself from negative or emotionally charged situations. These simple phrases help her regain control and stay true to her values.

Mike Tyson recently shared his own humble battle cry, “Who the fuck am I? I’m a nobody,” reminding himself to stay grounded and not let others’ opinions affect him. A battle cry doesn’t have to be aggressive. It can be a simple reminder to gain clarity and stay focused.

Think about your own battle cries. What do you need to tell yourself in challenging moments to regain control and clarity? Reflect on times when you didn’t show up as your best self and how a battle cry could have helped. Also, remember the times when you did show up strong and what you did to be your best self.

Battle cries are like affirmations. Mel Robbins talks about giving yourself a high-five and telling yourself you love yourself every morning. My daughter, for example, tells herself, “I got this,” and it helps her tackle challenges head-on.

This week, I challenge you to create your own battle cry. Reflect on your goals, aspirations, and times you’ve succeeded or failed. What short, powerful phrase can help you stay focused and motivated? Share your battle cries with me. I want to hear them.

Remember, the words we tell ourselves can make a huge difference. They can take you from where you are to where you want to be. As always, get out there, do the fucking thing, and show the world who you are. See you next week.

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Andy Weins

Andy Weins is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, and speaker. Through consulting, teaching, podcasting, and writing, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Veterans, entrepreneurs, community engagement, individual empowerment, and the environment.

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