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Mistakes Are Not Made, Choices Are

Hey, it’s Andy here, coming at you from the sunny shores of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Even though I’m on vacation writing this, I’m still here, doing my thing because, well, discipline. Every week, I’m committed to delivering content that resonates with my world, and this week is no exception. But before we dive deep, let’s take a moment for gratitude. Today, I’m reflecting on what allows me to be here, enjoying a break, and a big shoutout goes to the leadership team and crew back at Camo Crew Junk Removal, ensuring everything runs smoothly so I can take this time off. And not to forget our subcontractors like Emmy Thiel at Squared Away and Blake Kraussel at Kraussel Applications, among others. Your dedication is what allows me to live out my vision.

I’m all about gratitude; it’s a reminder of my fortune and what success looks like. It helps combat negativity bias and foster optimism, something I think we could all use a bit more of. And speaking of things we could use more of, let’s talk about the power of words. My book, “Words Fucking Matter,” has been out for about nine months now, and the response has been incredible. It’s all about the importance of clear, concise communication, especially in leadership. I’m gearing up to share this message with a company in Green Bay soon, focusing on the language of leadership.

Today, I want to discuss a concept that’s been on my mind: “Mistakes are not made; choices are.” Let me paint you a picture. My girlfriend, Carolyn, and I had a bit of a hiccup with our hotel booking here in Punta Cana. Despite a smooth journey, things got tricky at the resort check-in, revealing a mix-up with our room. It wasn’t about the mistake of not having our room ready; it was about the choices made that led to this situation. And this incident got me thinking about how we often attribute outcomes to mistakes when, in reality, they’re the result of choices we’ve made.

This realization applies to all areas of life. Whether it’s health, work, or personal goals, it’s not about the mistakes we think we make but about the choices leading to those outcomes. Acknowledging our choices helps us understand our paths better and guides us toward more deliberate decision-making.

Let’s dive deeper into this with a concept I use: Redneck Logic, Hillbilly Math, and Kentucky Windage. These quirky terms encapsulate a practical approach to problem-solving and decision-making. It’s about finding solutions from different angles (Redneck Logic), using data to guide decisions (Hillbilly Math), and making small adjustments to hit our targets (Kentucky Windage).

So, as you go about your week, I challenge you to consider the choices you’re making. Are they aligned with your goals? Are your words and actions fostering a positive mindset? It’s all about making decisions that lead you to your desired outcomes.

Remember, life is a series of choices. Embrace them, learn from them, and use them to live your best life. I’ll be back next week, ready to share more insights. Until then, you’re going to go out. You’re going to do the fucking thing. You’re going to tell the fucking world. And every time you go anywhere and everywhere, you’re going to show the fuck up.

Catch you next week!

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Andy Weins

Andy Weins is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, and speaker. Through consulting, teaching, podcasting, and writing, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Veterans, entrepreneurs, community engagement, individual empowerment, and the environment.

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