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Today, I want to dive into the crucial topic of prioritization because, in life and business, we often find ourselves drowning in busyness. It’s something I address in my book, “Words Fucking Matter,” highlighting the negative impact of the word “busy” when we fail to prioritize effectively.

So, here’s the deal. Many of us grapple with paralysis by analysis, the comfort of our routine, and not tackling the essential tasks that lead to our goals. It all boils down to setting those Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs). I’m a big fan of BHAGs. Your goals should scare you; if they don’t, they’re not big enough. To conquer these dragons, break them down into manageable pieces and prioritize them.

I’ll open up about my own journey. Back in 2019, I aspired to become a keynote speaker, even had some gigs lined up. Then the pandemic hit, and my focus shifted. I’ve been involved in various projects like Young Guns, creating LinkedIn content, and now, my priority is sharing the lessons from my book. We need to foster conversations, even disagreements, to better understand the world.

So, let’s start with lesson one: simplicity leads to consistency. Often, we become overwhelmed with busyness because we try to be all things to all people, all the time, always striving for success. But it’s essential to sit down and ask, “What are my priorities?”

Mark Twain famously said that the two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you figure out why. I recently realized my “why” is to be unapologetically myself, inspiring others to do the same. I found my purpose by transforming pain into passion.

Now, let’s focus on a practical approach to prioritization. Consider using the “Three P” methodology: find a pain point in your life. Maybe you’re unhappy in your job. Then, cultivate a passion for it to discover your purpose. Is your purpose staying in that job or starting something new? Prioritize your happiness and success.

Let’s also look at “negative comparison” as a strength. Instead of dwelling on what frustrates you, ask what you can learn from it, and decide if it aligns with your purpose. Don’t be overly loyal to things that no longer serve you; be selfish and self-serving to prioritize your well-being.

A vital aspect of prioritization is mental and physical health. Last year, I struggled with a back injury, affecting my mental focus. This prompted me to prioritize my physical health, dedicating time to the gym and physical therapy, even scheduling it in my calendar.

Another useful tool for me is the “start, stop, continue” method. It’s a simple way to identify what’s not serving you and make changes. I’ve personally eliminated the word “should” from my vocabulary. Instead, I adopt a “should, could, can, will” approach. It transforms obligations into possibilities, giving us clarity on our path.

To keep me on track, I utilize a vision board, breaking down my BHAG into smaller goals. I adhere to SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) to ensure success.

A piece of advice – if you’re struggling with prioritization, start small. For example, organize your sock drawer or do something simple. It’s a great way to build discipline and momentum.

In summary, your BHAG might seem daunting, but breaking it down into manageable chunks and simplifying your approach can lead to consistency and success. Remember, prioritization is not about doing everything; it’s about doing the right things. It’s about making your life count. So, let’s embrace these strategies and work towards our goals together. If you want to dive deeper into these concepts, check out my book, “Words Fucking Matter,” available on Amazon and my website, And remember, when you prioritize yourself, you become better for others. Thanks for tuning in, and let’s keep making our priorities count!

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Andy Weins

Andy Weins is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, and speaker. Through consulting, teaching, podcasting, and writing, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Veterans, entrepreneurs, community engagement, individual empowerment, and the environment.

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